Old Becomes New

This was another day of pictures that wasn’t planned.  When I was getting her dressed in the morning, I pulled a white linen Old Navy dress with pink embroidered flowers out that had never been worn.  I had bought it 2nd hand for a few dollars, probably 7 years before. For some reason my older daughter never wore it, and had I not been so behind on doing laundry, my youngest probably would have never worn it either.  But the closet was sparse that morning and the dress  was calling my name.  I also grabbed a white flower headband that she wore a bunch as an infant.  I didn’t think she’d leave it on, but remarkably she didn’t seem to mess with it.  She looked darling, which made me want to take a few pictures.

So we headed out to a park near our house and I followed her around a bit while she explored the stream, ponds and paths.  These were my favorites of the day:May 2014 - BC Park Elin 151May 2014 - BC Park Elin 126 May 2014 - BC Park Elin 163These shoes are also hand me downs from her big sister. May 2014 - BC Park Elin 165 I love her eyelashes when she looks down like this.May 2014 - BC Park Elin 175This picture is so metaphoric to me about taking the road less traveled. That’s the beauty of toddlers, they aren’t concerned about what they are supposed to, only what seems interesting.May 2014 - BC Park Elin 226


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