Pig Tails

There was no reason whatsoever for us to take pictures this day.  I found the pink dress in the back of her closet, it was something I had bought on a clearance rack at Target before she was even born and had forgotten about it until that morning. Plus, I had managed to get her hair into pigtails, which was no small feat.  So when we headed out the door for a walk that morning in a new dress and pigtails, I grabbed my camera on the way.  I love going for walks with her.  We never get far, but I love how she stops to inspect everything and something like her hand in the sunlight can mesmerize her.May 2014 - Elin 150 May 2014 - Elin 153 May 2014 - Elin 172 May 2014 - Elin 219 May 2014 - Elin 238 May 2014 - Elin 246May 2014 - Elin 175


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